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"These bars are to die for! That's what my wife said after demolishing two bars. Our current favorites are the Espresso Date Nut Bar, the Peanut Ginger Bar, and the Pistachio Cherry Bar. More than 50% of the calories in JÖR Bars come from healthy naturally occurring fats in nuts, seeds, and flax. This gives the bars a low-glycemic index in spite of tasting sweet and it also gives them plenty of stick-to-your ribs energy - a backpacker's dream. (But maybe too good for backpacking.  I mean, backpackers should be roughing it, right?). If you're picky about the quality of your chocolate, then you'll appreciate the attention to dark chocolate detail in these bars;  it's exquisite. And if you're concerned about the issue of mold or yeast in nut-based bars, then you'll be happy to know that JÖR Bars receive an excellent score on the Water Activity Analysis from the Food Innovation Center at OSU.  Maybe that's why these bars taste so fresh. Because they are moist but never messy, crunchy but never crumbly, these bars have totally replaced big-name commercial nut bars at our house." - Dr. Marc Wagner

"Bgood Bars (AKA JÖR) aims for another award" (Nov 2019)

"Minam River Lodge has had the pleasure of supporting and sharing JOR Bar Rations with all of our guests. Guests enjoy the bars on day hiking trips or as an afternoon snack. Comments include that the Rations are both delicious, filling and love the natural packaging. We are an off grid operation that depends on all products being flown in and out, the composting packaging has worked great with our composting system. We look forward to keeping JOR Bar Rations a part of our operation for many years to come." Anna Kraft - General Manager  

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