About Us

In 1984, on a break from graduate school, I hiked to Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness located in NE Oregon near Joseph. I packed along some homemade energy bars and never forgot how good they tasted and how they kept me going on that long hike. For the next 30 years, I continued to create healthy snacks for my family while I pursued a career as a Fisheries Research Biologist, worked as a yurt builder, chocolatier, barista and a banker. It all came full circle in 2014 when I decided to move back to Joseph and launch my business BGood Bars LLC, recently rebranded to JÖR Artisan Energy Bars and Rations.

JÖR Artisan Energy Bars and Rations are all-natural energy bars made by hand in small batches. Our bars inspired our name JÖR, meaning "earth" in old Norse, and are made with quality, whole food and non-GMO ingredients and without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. All varieties are naturally gluten free and have a low glycemic index. The main ingredients are nuts, seeds, organic dried fruit, honey & Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate. Our philosophy gained us a membership with the Good Food Foundation, and eventually a Good Food Award in 2019 for our Cranberry Hemp Bar.

We continue to hike, ski, backpack, work, live and love in the mountains we call home. We are passionate about creating healthy snacks that are sustainable and #fueljoradventures. 

Judy Goodman, Founder of BGOOD Bars LLC


JÖR Artisan Energy Bars and Rations