(August 1984, Ice Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness, NE Oregon, USA)

I'm not exactly sure why mountains can feel so special.  Besides just being geologic features, they represent so many things in our lives.  Maybe it's because the summit can be so hard to reach - you really have to work to reach the top, but when you do it always feels so rewarding, so satisfying, so magical.  Not everyone can reach the top or have the opportunity, and that is why (as humans) we feel so grateful for the moment, the experience, the adventure, and most importantly for the accomplishment we have achieved.  

I took this photo of Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness with my 35mm camera on a back packing trip in 1984. I wanted to catch the reflection of the moon on the lake, to remember that moment, that accomplishment of reaching the lake with my friends.  Grateful for the food & water we had carried, and for the extra pair of long johns I had packed for the cool mountain air.  There was still snow around the lake, and the mountain air was so refreshing and clean.  It makes me think of Cheryl Strayed and her quote from her book Wild, "How Wild it was, to let it be".  I hope that Ice Lake, and all of our Mountains and streams remain just that, wild, for future generations to discover and explore.  We need mountains to climb, and clean air and water for all.  It is our past, present & future.  Climb a mountain and you will know what I'm talking about.  It will give you a fresh perspective, and fill you with a wildness you will never forget.  #mountainliving

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  • I couldn’t agree more Judy! ❤️⛰

    Kelley Bachman

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