The Truth Is...


The truth is, I have been fortunate to live in mountain towns since 1991 when I first moved to a natural hot springs ranch in the Sawtooth Mountains of Central Idaho.  Twenty-five years later I still live a mountain lifestyle in Wallowa County.  Much like the Sawtooths, the Eagle Caps grace my morning commute from my home at 5,300′ ele. down to the rural mountain town of Joseph, OR which resides at 4,100′ ele.  A hard freeze is coming, so I harvested the rest of my arugula, french sorrel and kale this morning from the greenhouse.  Tonight I will need to harvest the rest of the basil and make pesto.  Winter is on the way and it is time to put up the salsa & pickles, store the potatoes & carrots in the root cellar and get the firewood in for the cookstove, the woodstove and the wood-fired hot tub. The fresh snow on the mountain this morning is a reminder that the seasons are changing.  It’s hard to say if I have favorite – season that is.  Life seems to revolve around them, each bringing beauty, tradition, family, familiar smells and change.  This view of Mt. Joseph reminds me of a quote by young Chief Joseph, “I believe much trouble would be saved if we opened our hearts more.”  I am grateful for this space, my friends, family and neighbors, and for those that were here before me.  Thank you Chief Joseph.

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