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What do fish, art and food have in common?  A recipe for someone who lives life at her own pace.  My love for the outdoors started when I was young.  I wanted to know about what lived under the water in rivers and lakes.  My love for water grew as I did and led me to an education and career as a Fisheries Research Biologist and limnologist – one who studies water.

Like many girls growing up in the heart of agriculture country in Eastern Washington, I learned to cook, garden and can from my mother Wilma and Grandmother Louise.  They taught me how to improvise in the kitchen by substituting for things we didn’t have on hand.  My grandmother used to say, “You can always make something out of nothing.”

As I pursued my Fisheries career, I also raised a family in Central Idaho and I continued to enjoy those skills handed down to me like gardening, canning, and experimenting with food to create recipes that suited me and my lifestyle.  I needed easy snacks that I could pack a long when I was conducting a spawning ground survey, or when I had to hike into a mountain lake to catch and release fish for a population study.  I also became a self-taught science illustrator – bringing together my knowledge of the landscape and the critters who lived in it.  You may notice the BGood logo is one of my one and only watercolors that reminds me of the Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho where I raised my daughter.

My life came full circle when I moved to Joseph, Oregon and was trained to be a chocolatier by a retired fish biologist (true story!).  My painstaking attention to detail, my love of the outdoors and healthy lifestyles culminated in the creation of JÖR Bars.  My desire to provide one of the best tasting and nutritious energy bars on the market made from a special formula of the highest quality ingredients sold in eco-friendly packaging – energy bars for active people with a conscience.

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