The End of the Road

Living at the end of the road always has its challenges, but I like to think it gives us more time to enjoy nature, reflect on how we got here and always be looking for the next adventure. When I lived in Idaho, a spring snow storm might mean we cancel our trip to town that day in leu of getting stuck in a snow drift or get caught in a white out. In Wallowa County, Oregon there is still that feel that life has slowed down a bit. We never set our alarms unless we need to check on the livestock that are about ready to give birth, and a spring snow storm on Easter just means that we might get a glimpse of a Snowshoe Hare while we are out skiing. The Goshawks are back and getting ready to make their nest at 5300′ ele., and signs of spring are more evident every day. I worked in my greenhouse on Easter this year and discovered French Sorrel and Kale under the garden blankets ready to eat, and volunteer garlic, spinach & lettuce coming up. Living in the present moment always gives me joy, and living at the end of the road is never dull.

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