Sleeping Porch

One way to beat the heat has been sleeping outside this summer.  We made a ‘sleeping porch’ on the west side of our mountain home.  The bats keep the mosquitos at bay, and the cool, fresh mountain air drifts across my face at night.  Even with 104 F days in Joseph, the cool air coming off of the snow fields and spring creeks of the high Wallowa Mountains flow down the mountainside at night bringing some relief to the hot hot summer temperatures.  Since making the sleeping porch, I have felt more in touch with the forest critters – Goshawks, Great Horned Owls, Woodpeckers and Coyotes.  The sounds they make at night and early morning are comforting – soft gentle “hoot hoot”, or the “kak-kak-kak” of the Northern Goshawk lets me know they are nearby, babies ready to fledge.  Our adopted barn cat sleeps between us on old wool blankets and a comforter.  He purrs when I reach down to scratch behind his ears.  He is enjoying the cool night air too.  Living a mountain life, we seldom have to set alarm clocks to wake up in the morning.  There is something about “first light” that is soft and subtle rather than the sound of a beeping alarm clock.  The forest is usually alive at this time of the morning with bird calls – Robins, Western Tanagers, and Wrens.  “Wake up, wake up, wake up!  The day is fresh with no mistakes!”

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