Old Trucks, Screen Doors and Horses

When we moved to Wallowa County, Oregon one of the first things I noticed (besides the Eagle Cap Mountains) is that every pasture, driveway or house had an old truck, a cool artful screen door, and a horse or two or three, and maybe throw in a Burro. It is something we all have in common – a bit of the past (the old truck), functional art (the screen door), and animal spirits (the horses and Burro), however the latter is still a useful tool and mode of transportation in these parts.  The women here are equally talented – most know how to garden and can, rope a steer, hunt elk & deer, and ski down a mountain – sometimes all in one day!  It is a lifestyle we choose, to live in a mountain town that is also close lakes and prairies, and deep canyons of the Snake and Imnaha Rivers.  We are prepared for hell or high water, or sometimes just lots of snow and bears that pick the onions out of the compost bin.  And when spring arrives on the mountain (sometimes May or June), with a few snow patches still lingering on the north slopes of the Eagle Caps, the trees start to blossom and those “winter gardens” we planted last fall in the greenhouse are starting to produce salad greens, kale and spinach, we are thankful for all that we cherish here – community, clean water, fresh air, and sunshine not to mention the snowshoe hares!

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