Mountain Life

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, near mountains and rivers.  I loved traveling with my parents by boat into Canada and the San Juan Islands, I also loved the water.  My first job was as a lifeguard, and my love for the ocean led me to become a certified Scuba Diver at the age of 17.  On to college, I received a Master of Science in Biology and conducted a baseline water quality study and nutrient loading analysis of Spirit Lake, ID.  During most of my 20 year career as a Fisheries Research Biologist, I have lived near the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West.   Water and mountains seem to have become an integral part of who I am, and where I live.   In short, I have chosen to live a mountain life, from the Sawtooths and White Cloud Mountains to the Eagle Caps.  Fresh air, clean water and lots and lots of mountains.  It’s hard not to wake up each morning and feel the power and beauty that surrounds me each and every day.  Mountain life has it’s challenges, but that’s what builds character and gives me inspiration.    It’s no wonder, that I would move to a mountain town (Joseph, OR) and start my own business making energy bars.  It is a good life, it’s a mountain life.  (Photo Credit – Grady Rawls and Living Sky Productions).

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