Good Food Awards 2019

Bob and Judy Goodman – Good Food Awards 2019, San Francisco, CA
On January 11, 2019 we attended the Good Food Awards in San Francisco, CA. It was Bob’s birthday too, which made this an extra special evening. Our Cranberry Hemp Bar had been nominated for a Good Food Award by the Good Food Foundation, and we wouldn’t have missed this event for anything. Our daughter and her boyfriend joined us from Montana. We were in for a very big weekend of awards, celebrations and trade shows in the city! From our hotel we took a 15 minute Lyft ride to the historical War Memorial Herbst Theatre where we joined other Good Food Award nominees from all over the US. I was seated in the second row with other Good Food Award nominees in the Snack Category. We listened to opening remarks by Sam Mogannam of the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses. It felt like we were at the Oscar’s – red velvet seats, beautiful murals on the walls of the theatre, and a big stage in front of us. We all listened intently to the speakers, not sure what would happen next. I was so inspired by the presenters, that I sort of forgot why I was there. Then, the Snack Category was announced… Judy Goodman “Cranberry Hemp Bar”. That’s me! I walked up on stage, nodding ceremoniously to the Founder of Slow Food, Carlos Petrini. Next to Carlos was Alice Waters, Founder & Owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant. She motioned to me and placed a silver plated award tied to a red, white and blue ribbon around my neck, and kissed me on the cheek. It was a moment I will never forget. Then I walked past Nell Newman and took my place on the stage next to the other 14 Good Food Award Winners in the Snack Category. I felt so proud at that moment, to be there at the Herbst Theatre with my family receiving an award for something I had made.

That was just the first night. The next two days were spent at a Good Food Mercantile un-trade show which was held downtown San Francisco at the City View at the Metreon, and the Market Place at the Fort Mason Center. All of our product samples and displays had been mailed in advance, and we set up right next to Honey Mama’s, a Portland, OR based company (yes, we all know Honey Mama’s incredible raw chocolate). They had also won a Good Food Award in the same Snack Category. Day 3 we set up our table at the Fort Mason Center right next to the famous Sunday Farmer’s Market and in view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The tent filled to the brim with shoppers, buyers and spectators. It felt like a hurricane that lasted for 5 incredible hours. It took all 4 of us to man the table, cut samples, answer questions, and sell bars to hundreds of people.

Now, 3 months later, back in Wallowa County where there are no stop lights or “Lyft” drivers, or high rise office buildings, I am still riding high from that moment, that stage, that kiss, and most of all that I was able to share it with my family – grateful for their love and support, and their steadiness and willingness to take this journey (both figuratively and literally) with me. Thank you Bob, Mattie and Axel, and thanks to the Good Food Foundation for providing such an incredible opportunity for small businesses like ours, who promote authentic, sustainable and tasty food.

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  • It is a pleasure ‘following’ you, all. Good for You!!!


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